Tips for Altering a Bridesmaid Dress

Published: 17th August 2011
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Altering bridesmaid dresses is too commonly happening. There are many reasons for have it altered. How to alter a bridesmaid gown right before a wedding day, here are some tips for you.

As we all know, picking a perfect bridesmaid gown takes a while, and you are also suggested to avoid the mistake of purchasing it the night before the big day, because it is much likely for you not to choose one fitting you well. A month can make everything happen. You may lose weight or gain weight, so the dress may be too tight or too loose for you to wear. Or you want to wear high heels, and the dress becomes too short for you. If it does happen to you, just face it. There is no difficulty in altering a dress. How to get it perfect is a topic you need focus on. Go though the article to find out instructions for altering good bridesmaid gowns.

If you happen to be fatter before the wedding, and the bridesmaids dress becomes too tight for you. The best solution to this problem is to sew in a zipper.

For those of you who have a sewing machine, you can sew in a zipper by applying the zipper foot tool. For those who prefer to hand sew a zipper, here is a sewing step by step process about sewing in a zipper.

The procedures of sewing zippers
1. First align the two fabric pieces on which you want to sew the zipper; place one over the other, and baste the seam together with a running stitch.
2. The following step is to lay the zipper over the seam of the fabric, with the teeth of the sipper aligned over the edge of the seam.
3. Pin the tape of the zipper to the seam with small sewing pins.
4. After the third step is done, sew back stitches on one side of the zipper tape.
5. Do the same thing to the other side to the zipper tape.
6. Both sides of the zipper tape are sewn in another row of back stitches.

For those who feel the dress is with long length, there is a way out for you. To start with the process, you need to first measure the length of the dress, and then find out which is your desired length. In the case it gets longer, you need to shorten the dress.

For those who bought short bridesmaid dresses, you can pull out the stitches to lengthen it.

By now, I believe you have a clear idea on how to alter an improper bridesmaids dresses uk.

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