How to Make a Prom Dress from a Bridesmaid Dress

Published: 20th October 2011
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Prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses can dig a hole in your pocket. To solve this issue for many girls, this article is written to give you a way to recycle your purchased dresses. if you attend a wedding as a bridesmaid, and after the wedding, your friend sent you the bridesmaid dress as a memory. You place it in your closet, wondering it will be no use any more. Your bridesmaid dress can be made into a prom dress for your prom. Do not be surprise! Keep on reading to find the way out how to make it into a prom gown.

Generally, by making some length and size alterations, it is possible to make a bridesmaid dress into a prom dress without spending any additional money.

1. Put it on to determine how to alter it, either by taking in the bust or other areas of the dress.
2. If your bridesmaid dress is floor length, and you want a short prom dress, you can adjust the length of the dress to reach just above the knee. Measure your height from your head to the point just above your knee, and then mark the point with a painting pencil. After cutting along where the new hem, sew the new hem.
3. Indicate any other areas of the dress that you need to alter by marking them with painting pencil.
4. Sew new seams in the dress as your guide.
5. When you alter your dress for bridesmaid, the altered prom dress final shape depends on your desired type. To illustrate it in a clearer way, keep on reading.
1). Bodice types will make all body shapes and sizes shin. When you set about to altering, you put focus on the bust line and hips.
2). Hemlines. If you would like to show off your lower legs and have nice calf muscles, a mid-length dress that falls right above or just at the knee can be a good dress choice. Mid-length prom gown can be as elegant, fashionable and appealing as longer gowns. Altering your maid of honor dress into asymmetrical cuts is trendy, stylish and fashion-forward.
3).Embellishments. After you have altered your prom dresses, add embellishments in areas such as neckline, bust line and waistline. Flower shaped flourish and colorful sequins are good options for prom dress.
4). Please put it on after altering it. You can see whether it is ok or not. And then you can make further changes in a right place. Take your necessary tools for altering close your hand. Scissors, sewing machine and straight pins.

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